Training Certification Video Re-Evaluation




The SHiNE Instructor Training certification process includes a video submission and evaluation. Participants receiving a WHITE score on their evaluation must resubmit a video for the opportunity to improve their score and become licensed to teach SHiNE.
At any time after training, all certified SHiNE Instructors (those receiving a PINK or GOLD) are encouraged to re-submit a new video for assessment. By doing so, you have the opportunity to improve your evaluation score (from PINK to GOLD) as well as hone your skills by receiving unbiased feedback from SHiNE HQ. We’ll let you know what’s great and what could use improvement.  You’ll receive a detailed analysis of 3 routines along with your overall score. All SHiNE Instructors are encouraged to work toward becoming GOLD-certified!

Once we receive your order another email will be sent to you with details on what to submit and how.  Also be sure to consider getting 1-on-1 personal coaching prior to resubmitting.

Note: For currently certified SHiNE Instructors, please verify in advance with the SHiNE Team which 3 routines should be submitted for review.