Inclusivity Statement

SHiNE Dance Fitness™ is an open dance floor. People of all ages, races, gender identities, sexual orientations, spiritual or religious beliefs, fitness levels and abilities, music preferences and emotional experiences are welcome here. Wear your hair up or down, dye it, shave it; we don’t care. All that really matters to us is that you bring your authentic self to the party and embrace others as they do the same. SHiNE Dance Fitness™ does not discriminate. We stand for equality, justice, and compassion for all humankind. We are stronger together!

As our world educates itself and fights to stop heartbreaking injustice, the team at SHiNE™ is working to address the lack of diversity on our social media and marketing campaigns. We are grateful to those who have brought this lack of diversity to our attention. We see it too, and we’re happy to say we’re making changes. Most of the SHiNE™ video and photography content are produced at our Headquarters in Idaho, where the population (and therefore our volunteer-base) is predominately white. This is not an excuse for the obvious lack of representation for POC. Representation of our participants is important to SHiNE, and we can do better!  We know there is great diversity within our community, both on the other side of the SHiNE Online camera, and in live dance classes near and far!  We have amazing and inspiring SHiNE™ Instructors all over the world, from a beautiful variety of cultures and backgrounds. We’re actively working to better represent the diversity that exists within SHiNE Nation and grow it further.

Another key component of  SHiNE™ is the use and celebration of music created by artists of varying races and cultures. We hold the black artists whose music we often use, and the deep and meaningful history of hip hop, in the highest regard. We hope our actions, our voices and our brand reflect the great respect we feel for the artistry and culture that are wrapped up in these beloved music and dance styles. 

SHiNE Dance Fitness™ has long used the phrase “Stronger Together,” and we believe that to be true now, more than ever.  As we grow as a community, SHiNE™ will continue to stand for equality, justice, and compassion for all. Communication is key to organizational growth and we welcome your feedback. Please feel free to share with us at: